American Medical Autism Board
And Phillip C. DeMio, MD
Present the
Third Annual Conference on Autism Spectrum Disorders
(Including Autism, PANDAS, Asperger’s Syndrome, AD/HD, and RAD)



Focusing on biomedical and other treatments that offer hope to individuals and families

Friday July 22nd
& Saturday July 23rd, 2011

General Sessions (anyone can attend)

Sunday July 24th, 2011
Special Sessions for Physicians and other
Healthcare Professionals
(qualifies for AMAB credits)

Holiday Inn
6001 Rockside Road
Independence Ohio
(located convienently 7 miles south of
Downtown Cleveland and 11 miles from
Cleveland Hopkins Airport)

Scheduled Guest Speakers

Conference Schedule

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Keynote Speaker:
Kim StaglianoKim Stagliano
, mother of three girls on the Autism Spectrum (ASD's), mentor to countless parents, popular speaker on autism, and author of the fabulous book All I Can Handle, I'm No Mother Teresa: a Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism.

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Why you should attend
an AMAB Conference.

The Autism Spectrum Disorders (known as ASD’s) include autism, PDD/NOS, AD/HD, Asperger Syndrome, PANDAS, OCD, RAD, and many other developmental disorders. They affect at least 1 in 100 young children in North America, and also are present in many teens & adults.

The number of individuals and families touched by them is on an alarming rise. Traditionally, ASD’s have been regarded as behavioral/psychiatric disorders with little hope for improvement. In reality, they are the result of an underlying set of medical problems such as nutritional, immunologic, and toxic issues. This leads to effective treatment, known as biomedical treatment, that offers hope to persons and families affected by ASD’s.

The American Medical Autism Board and Phillip C. DeMio, MD, provide the Third International Conference on biomedical and other techniques for parents and healthcare providers, presented July 22 - 23, 2011 in Independence, OH (Metro Cleveland area) by world leaders in information and treatments.

Join us to learn the state-of-the-art of biomedical and other techniques. You do not want to miss this exciting conference!

Scheduled Guest Speakers

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